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Apptimo ERP

Apptimo is Apptimus Tech's signature Enterprise Resource Planning system with end to end enterprise management features. Apptimo is being used by a lot of businesses around the globe. We have gone from showing highly positive impacts on the businesses to completely transform many businesses to achieve the unimaginable. Here are some of Apptimo's primary features.

Features of Apptimo ERP

Apptimo ERP is loaded with all the necessary features to manage enterprises of any size and domain. Here are some of the primary features of the system. If you have any specific requirements to be incorporated into Apptimo, we can definitely do that. We will make sure that Apptimo fits right to your business goals and serves you the best.

Human Capital Management

Plans, monitors and manages your human resources

Finance & Accounts Management

Manages the Finance flow of your organization

Supply Chain Management

Manages and streamlines the flow of your goods and services

Sales Management

Manages your sales related things effortlessly

Production Planning & Management

Monitors and manages your production plans and activities

Customer Relationship Management

Manages and analyzes your customer interactions

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