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BillBee is an invoice & payments management system for single-head or small business owners. It can also serve as a personal accounts management application. Most of the monetary transactions happening in a small business can be recorded and tracked via BillBee with ease. Here are some of the primary features of BillBee.

Features of BillBee

BillBee is sufficient to eliminate all the paper works in a single-head or small business. It serves as a complete invoice management app. If the business wants to migrate to a higher caliber application, they can seamlessly migrate to Apptimate POS or Apptimo ERP depending on their business needs. Here are some of the primary features of BillBee.

Invoice Management

Allows the users to create invoices and send them to their clients

Payments Management

Manages the payments received for the invoices that were sent to the clients

Basic Expenses Management

Allows to perform basic expenses in overall business or invoice-wise

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