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CaseMate is a legal practice management system built by Apptimus Tech that streamlines the case handling and other law-related activities that a law firm/team performs. CaseMate serves law-teams of any size and available in multiple package options.

Features of CaseMate

CaseMate reduces a lawyer's paper-works by a considerable amount. It facilitates the law-team to perform the case-related activities effortlessly and error-free. CaseMate is available both as a platform and privately install-able application. Privately installed application allows the law firm to take complete control of their instance and data. Here are some of the primary features of CaseMate.

Overall Case Management

Allows the lawyers to ease all the bulky paper works and perform everything online

Client/Parties Management

Manages the client details and other parties involved in a case

Documents & Pleadings Management

Serves as a easy-to-use, quick-to-find and secure document repository

Tasks Management

Manages and monitors the team, tasks and activities related to cases

Finance Management

Manages the client deposits, case expenses, fees and other transactions

Reminders and Alerts

Reminds and alerts the authorized team members about tasks and to-dos

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