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Collaborator is a project management tool built for small/medium sized teams. Collaborator covers most of the aspects of general project management. Collaborator is helping multiple teams to achieve their project goals within the given constraints.

Features of Collaborator

Collaborator serves as an end-to-end project management tools that comprises of all the essentials elements of project management practices. Collaborator is Web API enabled and it is fuse-able with other existing HR and Accounting systems.

Team Management

Allows the organization to manage the core and project teams with project-related roles

Task Management

Manages the task allocations, deadlines, milestones and activities

Expenses Management

Allows the team to manage project-related expenses, HR costs and other budgetary elements

Resources Management

Serves as a secure and easy-to-access repository to manage project documents and other resources

Performance Management

Manages and monitors the performance of team members and resources

Reminders and Alerts

Reminds and alerts the authorized team members about tasks and to-dos

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