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Magenda is an award-winning Event Management platform built for event hosts and attendees. Magenda comprises of end to end event management functionalities and in-event features for the attendees. Magenda is all set to be launched all over Sri Lanka in many government, private and social sector organizations/communities.

Features of Magenda

Magenda serves as a complete solution for event hosts to perform internal event management activities and it also streamlines the communication processes between the hosts and the attendees. Here are some primary features of Magenda.

Internal Team & Tasks Management

Allows the hosts to manage their team members, tasks and activities

Event Incomes & Expenses Management

Manages all the monetary transactions happening around the event

Event Agenda Management

Allow the hosts to manage event programs, presenters and time-slots

Event Attendance Management

Eases and streamlines the attendance management process with QR scans

In-event Interactions

Allows the attendees to interact with the presenters and hosts during the events

Event Peers Networking

Allows the attendees to network with the co-attendees through in-built chat-boxes

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